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A Soulís Choice To Rejoice
Published By 2bpositive on 2011-08-30 69 Views

This is a short poem that discusses the Truth of our existence that so many are incapable or unwilling of accepting. There is a Judge and there is judgement. There is good and there is bad. Against our will shall we be forced to choose. This choice and the significance that it has interplays throughout our life and thereafter, and will take on true meaning when our last day on mother Earth finally arrives. By then, for those unprepared, it just might be too late.


Forced To Choose

  Life is but a corridor, and death is the only door
whatever you take with you, is yours forever more
time is as a fleeting shadow, passing days are not perceived
when you realize your loss, it will be too late for you to grieve

A wise man foresees eventualities, and prepares himself in advance
while the fool pushes things off to tomorrow, and relies on chance
wisdom dictates that we should recognize, our years in this world are few
no man knows the day of his death, nor takes advantage, of his life to review

The soul, a piece of your eternity in a physical being, to you has been given
challenged by the tests in this world, for good or for bad, will your soul be driven
against your will were you created, and against your will are you forced to choose
alone you have the fortitude to win, or accept the consequences if you lose

Standing tall and full of faith, you decide to give it your best shot
you change your life for good giving up much, and never forgot
the truth is of great value to you, because you acted upon it when you knew
only what you have succeeded to overcome, in the end will belong to you


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