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Trapped in Loneliness
Published By 2bpositive on 2011-12-13 89 Views

Loneliness has taken over, and I'm out of control
finding myself spiraling downward, it's taking a toll
unbearably stressed out, and looking for an escape
hoping to avoid despair, that upon me it not retake

What happens every day, heavily upon my heart does it weigh
watching people live their lives, but with minds in such disarray
this only serves to confirm my fear, I really live in my own world
surrounded by loneliness, worries around me have now encircled

Unrelenting internal struggles, like strong waves slamming the shore
coping with these new challenges, and my sadness hoping to ignore
creatively developing strategies, thinking confusion of mind to negate
but words of loneliness burdening my heart, was what I had to relate

Searching my mental landscape, seeking to find some emotional rest
even if only a temporary escape, this world makes me feel oppressed
alone to ponder these troubles, sadly, they are all I have to my name
forced to keep this secret, their revelation would only bring me shame

Life will go on without you, forever left with your own world to deal
your dreams are unlike all others, you wait for another heart to feel
hoping to fill your emptiness, just by knowing someone else cared
enabling you to find peace of mind, and never again to be scared

Don't fall into despair, you're not alone being trapped in loneliness
sadness may lead to sin, but right now your pain borders holiness
hold on just a little longer, new days bring new light, try and cope
G-d is coming to your rescue, because in him you never lost hope

You're a prisoner for life, try and plan your escape, free to contrive
but remember the reality, no one ever gets out of this world alive
confusion does not last a lifetime, only our sadness blinds the way
In the end we'll find the happiness we seek, and forever will it stay


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